AirBNB Cleaning: A Step-by-Step Guide

Running an Airbnb can be a fun and exciting way to build a side hustle for extra income while meeting new people. However, starting and running an Airbnb business can be hard work, and it does require ongoing maintenance and cleaning to keep your space ready to host guests.[1]

As an Airbnb host, one of your most important jobs is keeping your rental space clean. Whether your Airbnb property is part of your primary residence, a guesthouse on your property, or a separate property away from your home, it is integral to keep it clean and sanitized for the safety and satisfaction of your guests. With Cornerstone Cleaning, you will find prompt, reliable, and professional Airbnb cleaning services that help your property shine. We can help you save time and ensure the satisfaction of your guests so that you see better reviews and more bookings.

Continue reading for a closer look at how to deep clean Airbnb properties and why this level of enhanced cleaning is so important for Airbnb hosts.


Airbnb 5-Step Enhanced Cleaning Process

To ensure the wellness and safety of guests, Airbnb has created a 5-step cleaning practice that all hosts must adhere to. [2]


Before cleaning, you or your hired cleaning staff should open windows or turn on the air conditioning to ventilate and air out the space. You should also stock up on the appropriate cleaning products, wash and disinfect your hands, and carefully read the directions and warnings on your cleaning products.


Once you’ve prepared, it’s time to remove dust and dirt and get your Airbnb clean and tidy. Wash all dishes and laundry with hot water and sweep, vacuum, dust, and mop all floors and countertops. Then, wipe down hard surfaces with soap and warm water.


Cleaning will remove dust, dirt, and clutter, but sanitizing is important for removing microscopic germs and bacteria to reduce the spread of illnesses and ensure a safe space for your guests to rest and relax. Sanitizing requires the use of chemicals like disinfectant sprays or pre-moistened disinfectant wipes on high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, TV remotes, cabinet pulls, and more. Surfaces should be well-covered in the disinfectant solution and then allowed to air dry.


After cleaning and sanitizing, you’ll want to walk through the property to ensure that no spots have been missed. Go room by room to ensure that no previous items have been left behind by guests and that all surfaces have been cleaned and sanitized, even if it doesn’t look like the previous guests have interacted with those areas.


It is recommended that you do not replace items for the next guest until after the entire space has been cleaned and prepared. Wash your hands before replacing guest supplies and do not reenter a room once it has been sanitized and restocked.

Creating a Cleaning Strategy

While Airbnb’s 5-step enhanced cleaning process provides insight on the level of cleanliness you should strive to achieve for your property, it does not offer much in terms of how to approach the cleaning process. You need a cleaning strategy that works for your property and checks all the boxes for achieving the required standards of cleanliness expected by Airbnb guests.[3] Here is how to get your cleaning strategy set up for your property.

There are lots of steps involved in cleaning and sanitizing a rental property. It can be easy to overlook certain spots like cabinets and drawers or forget essential tasks like replacing bathroom linens. You should walk through the process of cleaning and resetting your Airbnb property and list out every step, so that you never miss a step.

Why You Need Airbnb Cleaning

With all the steps that go into cleaning a vacation rental, running an Airbnb may feel less like a side hustle and more like a full-time job. You might consider hiring a professional cleaning company to take care of all the hard work for you. Professional cleaners will follow your detailed cleaning checklist so you can focus on other elements of rental property management to keep your guests happy. Take a closer look at all the reasons that professional cleaners are worth the investment.

Save Yourself Time

Cleaning an Airbnb property takes a lot of time, and the cleaning process is only one of many things you need to do to manage your listing and keep guests happy. Professional cleaning can save you tons of time so you’re free to focus on your other obligations.

Thorough Cleaning

You may not always be in the mood to clean or feeling 100%, and that may result in skipping some key steps when you clean your rental property. With a professional cleaning service, you can rest assured that you’ll see consistent cleaning with every visit.

Guests Won’t Have to Wait

Professionals will always be able to tackle a job faster than a DIYer. By hiring professional cleaners, you can reduce your turnaround time for getting your property ready to host the next guests, allowing for earlier check-ins.

Rack Up Positive Reviews

Any Airbnb host can attest that getting plenty of positive reviews can be frustrating.[4] While there are many factors that go into scoring 5-star ratings on the Airbnb app, one thing guests will never overlook is a dirty rental property. Airbnb cleaners can help you keep your property looking stunning for every guest so they will have a positive first impression and a great experience throughout their stay.

What to Look for in an Airbnb Cleaner

Airbnb cleaning combines residential and commercial cleaning services, so you should hire a cleaner with expertise in both of these areas. Look for a cleaning service that has exceptional reviews, a long track record of great service, and a customizable list of services to suit your needs. Additionally, you’ll want to find a service that offers free consultations and has the depth of knowledge to help you select the best cleaning products.

Cornerstone Cleaning has been voted the Best of Harford and received an Honorable Mention on The Baltimore Sun’s Best of 2022 list. We are also a member of numerous professional cleaning associations, including ISSA. Therefore, you can put your trust in us to clean and maintain your Airbnb property, so you can facilitate amazing guest experiences again and again. We service Airbnb properties in Baltimore County, Cecil County, and Harford County, MD, with a mission to better our community through exceptional cleaning services. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your Airbnb cleaning needs.


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