Professional Cleaning Service FAQs

FAQs About Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

At Cornerstone Cleaning, our goal is to make your life easier by improving the safety, health, comfort, beauty, and value of your property through professional cleaning services. We provide high quality, cost effective residential and commercial cleaning services throughout Baltimore, MD, including Baltimore County, Cecil County, and Harford County. Each member of our team is highly skilled and experienced, and we can tackle any job, no matter how big or small. We have earned a reputation for excellence in the business by being honest, hard-working, and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We hope you will choose us for your home or office cleaning needs. Read through our FAQs about office and house cleaning services, and call us if you have a question that isn’t answered here.


Why Should I Trust Your Cleaners?

Our cleaning specialists are fully vetted and undergo a background check and reference check before we hire them. Each member of our team is committed to quality work and providing services with honesty and integrity. We provide rigorous training and consistently check in with our team and our customers to ensure everyone is happy and comfortable.

How Do Residential Cleaning Services Work?

We offer one-time, occasional, special event, and recurring cleaning services. We will provide an arrival estimate before each job to minimize disruption and enhance convenience. This estimate or arrival window will give you time to prepare for our team to show up and plan your day around our cleaning services.

You can prepare for our house cleaning services by picking up items from the floor, securing your pets, and making sure our team knows how to enter your home if you won’t be there.

When Will You Clean My Home?

How Do I Prepare for Home Cleaning Services?

We value communication, transparency, and hard work. When you contact us for home or office cleaning services, we’ll begin with a consultation. During that time, you can ask any questions you have and go over your needs, goals, budget, and expectations. We will discuss our cleaning services, rates, schedule, and experience. We can then give you an estimate for our services and schedule your one-time or recurring cleaning job.

Should I Be Home While You Clean?

You do not need to be home while we clean, but you can be there if you want to. In general, our customers are not at home when we clean because they feel like they are getting in the way. We work efficiently and move quickly, so it can be a little distracting or disruptive to your routine if you are home.

What Is the Cost of House Cleaning Services in Maryland?

The cost of house cleaning services will depend on how often we clean for you, the extent of your cleaning services, how long it takes to clean your home, and how large your home is. Before we schedule an appointment, we will go over our rates and fees, provide you with an estimate, and make sure you know what to expect.

Can I Get an Estimate for the Cost of Professional Cleaning Services?

Yes! We provide estimates before every initial cleaning job.

What Cleaning Services Do You Offer?

Our cleaning services include house cleaning, office cleaning, medical cleaning, apartment and condo cleaning, rental property cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning, post construction cleaning, educational and government building cleaning, corporate cleaning, event cleaning, special occasion and holiday cleaning, commercial cleaning, and more.

What Areas of the Home Do You Clean?

We clean all areas of the home. If there is an area you don’t want or need us to clean, please let us know before we arrive. We clean bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, common areas, dining rooms, dens, offices, laundry rooms, utility rooms, hallways and entryways, and more.

Do You Bring Your Own Supplies?

Yes, we bring our own supplies. You are not responsible for providing any cleaning supplies, cleaning products, or cleaning equipment. If you do have a preference for a particular brand of cleaning product, please let us know during your initial consultation.

What Happens if There Is a Problem With My Services?

We stand by our work and want you to have an amazing experience with our company. If something isn’t right with your cleaning services, we will do everything we can to make it right. We treat every home and all of your belongings with the utmost care and respect. If something is damaged during cleaning, we will repair or replace the item. Our team is fully insured and can handle insurance claims. If you aren’t satisfied with the quality of our cleaning services or if you think we missed something, please let us know within 24 hours so we can make it right.

What Special Cleaning Services Do You Offer?

Our specialty cleaning services include post construction cleaning, move in cleaning, move out cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor care including auto scrubbing concrete and tile flooring, stripping and waxing VCT flooring, and burnishing VCT flooring.

Call Us Today to Schedule a Consultation for Cleaning

Call us today or contact us online to schedule a consultation or request an estimate for office or house cleaning services in Baltimore, MD, and surrounding areas, including Baltimore County, Harford County, and Cecil County. We will discuss your needs and goals, work out a schedule, and provide you with an estimate for our rates and fees. We look forward to working with you.